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2024 National Elections Vote Out-of Country on 18 May 2024


For information regarding Immigration and Civic Matters, you can consult the website of the South African Department of Home Affairs:
South African Department of Home Affairs :







The embassy is open to receive applicants in person without an appointment Mondays to Thursdays in from 13h30 - 15h30 to complete the application.


  • Adult Passport 
  • Child Passport  
  •  Lost Passport and Emergency Travelling Certificate          
  • Collection of Passports 

Parental consent

  • Consent to Issue Passport to a Minor      
  • Minor Children Traveling on a Foreign Passport 

Identity Documents       

  • Identity Document         


  • Application for Birth Certificate 
  • Foreign Birth registration


  • Registration of Marriage              
  • Registration of Divorce 
  • Application for Marriage Certificate
  • Application for Divorce certificate            


  • Registration of Death    
  • Application for a Death Certificate           


  • Retention of South African Citizenship
  • Determination of South African citizenship
  • Renunciation    

Name Changes

  • Change of Surname (Minor)       
  • Change of Surname (Adult)       
  • Change of Forename (Minor)     
  • Change of Forename (Adult)

 Certification  of South African documents

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  •  ID
  • Drivers’ Licence
  • Passport

 Emergency Travelling Certificate

The embassy is open for the application of the ETC Mondays to Fridays from 09H00 - 12H00 and 13H30 - 15H30 without an appointment. The process takes 2 to 5 days.

Apostille Application:

The embassy is open Mondays to Thursdays in the afternoons 13h30 – 15h30 without an appointment for submission.

The embassy does not apostille. The documents will be sent to DIRCO for apostilling. It takes 4 months to 8 months

The applicants are to bring the original document to be apostilled and their passport copy.

Police Clearance

The embassy can only assist with the forms to fill and take fingerprints, and for that, we are open Mondays to Thursdays without an appointment between 13h35 and 15h30.

To submit the application, the applicant has to send the application themselves to SAPS. The information will be available on the forms that we will provide.

Legalisation/Authentication of documents

The signing of documents in the presence of an officer of Oath for the purposes of purchasing or selling property or assets.

It is Wednesday afternoons between 14h00 and 15h30 per appointment

The public is to send us an email to request an appointment.

Applicants who have any questions or require more information before coming to the embassy for submission of civic application should send an email to Keneilwe MAHANYELE This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Submission of visa application is by appointment only.

Mondays to Thursdays 09h00-12h00.

The applicants must send an email to request an appointment.

Collection of the outcome and passports

The consular will send an email to applicants to come collect their outcome or passport, applicants are to produce the email as proof of communication at the reception. Applicants should immediately switch off their phones thereafter, inside the consular waiting room, the use of phones is prohibited.

Submission of outstanding documents

The applicants are allowed to come without a second appointment upon producing proof that there were received at the embassy previously (on email) usually several days following the initial appointment.

Questions regarding the progress of a submitted visa application

The applicants should send an email directly.

All questions regarding visas and request for appointments is by email to Xolani MOENG This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Vida QUARTEY This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diplomatic and official visa applications

The embassy is open Monday to Friday 09h00 -12h00 and 13h30 -15h30 to receive the applicants with or without an appointment.

The applicants must  communicate with the consular services by email prior and send a courier to submit on their behalf. The reception will contact the consulate to receive the applications.

They are received at the main entrance for submission and collection.