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FROM 11 JUNE 2018

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Official statement from South African Tourism

Cape Town and the Western Cape are open for business in-spite of the current drought. To counter the short-term effects of the drought the city has put in place a number of initiatives to increase the supply of water and make provision for water shortages for locals and visitors.

There will be water for tourists’ essential daily needs including access to drinking water and for personal hygiene. At present, tourists will be able to shower and maintain daily hygiene. Guidelines suggest a shower of no longer than 2 minutes. The use of baths is discouraged. Some swimming pools at hotels have been converted to salt (ocean) water.

Tourists will still be able to visit the region and access and enjoy primary tourism attractions such as Table Mountain, Cape Point and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Although specific river-based experiences may be impacted. There are still many places across the Western Cape that are not as severely affected by the drought such as the Garden Route and the Cape Overberg.